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Monday, October 25, 2010

Richard Moving Across the Yucatan... Shari to form soon?

So the big question today that hurricane trackers are dealing with while we watch Richard do Belize and the Yucatan is.... is Shari going to form from a late season Cape Verde Wave and be an overachiever and a late bloomer down in the Carib?

Well, while storm chasers chase twisters in Texas and while Richard huffs and puffs his little heart out models are showing development of a storm named Shari that will make it into the Carib and blows up bigger than Richard or any other Carib storm so far this year. Could that happen? Possibly...

Good discussion by the wonderful Jim Williams on Richard and the history of hurricanes in this area of the world.

No one does it better if you ask me...he takes you there and shows you the detail:

Jac on on posted some amazing reasons to worry on Shari forming, pretty too... like computer, weather art..

Great video of the twister in Rice, Texas (have to wait thru a commercial but awesome and very real video)

Another with an always excellent article from the Washington Post on the Twister last night that was real and not a movie. I saw the man being interviewed this morning on TV, he was clear it was awesome but he wouldn't want to do it again.

I've chased a few hurricanes, been chased by a few hurricanes as well, chased some waterspouts in the Keys but Twister Chasing... for people far braver than me but hey if I saw one forming I know I would be mesmerized and shooting pics rather than thinking on which way to run, amazing video. Know a few great storm chasers who have gotten shots that grace the cover of books but to have one form while you are driving, touchdown, dance across the horizon, to see all of that passion and power and fury live in real time... can't imagine though I do know what it feels like to be in the eye of a hurricane and wonder at the stillness in the calm of the storm and watch mesmerized as the eye wall begins to descend back faster than anyone can imagine until you can see it coming at you as one entity down the street, amazing, weather is always amazing, even a beautiful summer day or fall day or a balmy, breeze at the beach.

So... one thing I do know it is better to chase the storm than to be chased by the storm and one thing I have learned from my friends and always knew...whether it was Jim or Jack or Joe or Reed or Mike ... when the wind blows, you got to get out there, feel it, document it, live it and describe it... enjoy it... feel it rushing through you with so much life and passion and well... it's awesome, trust me.

So.... waiting on Shari to form and have sat at the ocean many times with my best friend Sharon feeling the wind from a storm nearby so have a deep, personal interest in seeing Shari form ;)

As for Richard, I think he is going to do the Tex Mex dance that so many storms this year and other years have done. But, he is moving fast enough to survive the crossing and think we will have him around a little longer.

Be back later with more info after I take a walk in the sunshine and enjoy the weather I've got ;) and yes my pretty moon chasing friend, watched you staring up at the moon one night when you didn't see me watching but Moon River is the wrong song for this Tex Mex storm...

Besos Bobbi
For all those weather people who watch the full moon from the middle of the street and stare up at it or from a beach with waves dancing at your feet or on an empty plain watching for a wall cloud to drop down dramatically or who watch stars through the clouds late at night through their window...

So weird, still can't watch the stupid Carpenters without feeling pain but Selena makes me smile lol... go figure, would have thought it would be the other way around. A true Tex Mex gal... ya know...


At 8:56 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Hmm, well again- I see the verdict is out on Richard, thoughtful on the next invest, remembering reading "When I lay my Isaac Down", and wondering if I need to read it again, I imagine it could not hurt, stormy here last night in this Carolina, very cool blasts of light in the sky- was in a place where the sound almost moved the building, my kind of weather, Carpenters, umm, no - although Karen was a sad story, you can have Selena - meanwhile I think I'll hang on to Sarah McLaughlin and smile while I listen to her sing. That's all I got.

At 10:00 AM, Blogger BobbiStorm said...

FISHING.............. am beginning to get that feeling again... like I never know where you are going to pop up.... whoa... Deja Vu....

Gonna post after I see how much damage the LaneCane does in the Midwest...



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