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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No More Richard & Not Much Goin On In the Tropics ... but wxr wxr everywhere...

So, the final advisory on Richard has been written and the tropics is temporarily free of tropical activity. There are a few waves out there still threatening to try and make a run for the Shari name and I do think one will form this year will.. it's almost over but not yet over.

Someone on one of the boards said a few months back before we went hog wild with storms that until you get those first few cold fronts and an intermingling of hot and cold air masses... its as if nothing can really get going worth talking about. I think they may have been right as I look back in retrospect.

Today the air masses across America not only mingled they rocked and rolled and created weather more violent than anything the tropics have offered up so far this year on American Soil. A lot of storms but they have all managed to miss messing up any big coastal city along the Hurricane Belt.

Am worried a bit on cities on the West Coast on the belt known as the "Ring of Fire" as the earth has been shakin' lately. The Gulf of Mexico... Indonesia.. a few places and even though the geologists always say "it's not related" I think it is related in some way that is hard to explain... something geological akin to the butterfly wing theory. Not going to wax poetic on geologists tonight... no... not me, never really did geologists personally, I mean how can you love a man who is love with rocks more than wind and waves and the moon shining down on you at night? (Don't answer, that was really a rhetorical question and an editorial statement.)

So... a strong cyclone like winter weather system punched the Mid-West with the fury of a strong Tropical Storm leaving it's calling card for a La Nina Winter. Watch out! This was like that coming attraction with the Jaws music... just trying to catch your attention, stay tuned.. it's only going to get worst.

Which leads me to thinking on the movie Gidget. Yes .. I said Gidget. Well, for one it's a private sort of joke between a bunch of us and no one really gets Gidget in that it's really a love triangle in ways. And, Gidget was a bit weather obsessed, ya know? I mean all surfers are..they live and die for the big ones and they know more about weather and what's going to happen this weekend than most government meteorologists writing papers and reports. They live and breathe the wind and surf and all sorts of terms that only surfers would understand. we have Gidget. She wants to ride the wild waves... and is totally obsessed with the Big Kahuna and as equally obsessed with the young love of her life "Moondoggie" How he got that name I don't know and I don't want to know... too much moonshine or staring... stares up at the moon too much lol :) (Will drive you crazy you know) so instead of her singing Moon River she climbs onto her surf board and falls in love with surfing. She is very OCD and very anal retentive on Moondoggie and worrying on the Big Kahuna all at the same time. It's sort of like Twister in ways ;) I think she wears a lot of little white bathing suits that's a lot like Helen Hunt in her white tank top that was made of teflon.

How did it really turn out? Who knows... the story ended with a bunch of badly done remakes and she is probably surfing some beach somewhere, her kids grown up, an empty nester... going back for a degree in oceanography or Early Pacific Indian Art and on
Facebook with the Big Kahuna cause after the breakup with Moondoggie she swore off old boyfriends and found herself a new beach, a new guy and she's still getting her philosophical advice from you know who.

Life is funny. It takes you down lots of new highways, opens lots of new doors... wrong song.. hold on ;)

Nothing under the sun is new, it repeats in patterns that are hard to see like the wings beating on a butterfly.

Hurricane Season segues into the Winter with one or two last moment flings with an Indian Summer storm in late October or early November and then... we spend our time studying how this season went down and longing for next season. Someone wins the World Series (but it won't be the Yankees this year) and the holidays come on so soon that there are already beautifully decorated Christmas Trees at the Mall.

We are always in such a rush... sometimes we got to stop and smell the roses or feel the spray of the surf or... enjoy the way a rock feels in our hands (rolling eyes) and well there's basketball and Ice Hockey and it goes on and on and on.

This Pre-Season Winter Storm will probably have a huge price tag for clean up and Jim Cantore will figure out eventually why the barometric pressure was so low but the winds were not that high. The Ghost of the Edmund Fitzgerald... is still out there somewhere ... never to be forgotten, remembered forever by a beautiful song dedicated to it's memory.

As for me.. I am going to back to Miami where I will be for a good while...while I watch my "baby" recuperate from surgery to remove the pins that are in his arm from his run in with a palm tree. And, family stuff... reunions coming up, my mother, my daughter's new apartment, arguing again with some community college that can't figure out if it has all it's papers or not. I'm impossible when it comes to the baby (who is probably reading this about now..) but he is my youngest and we are very close and he's an amazing kid. Loves weather ;)


Somewhere there is a fifteen year old girl who loves to do something, be it dance or politics or talking to cute boys or riding waves or skiing... somewhere there is a fifty year old woman trying to figure out what she loves or if she is lucky she knows. Like the people I met this week at the Spice Store.. they love cooking, they love talking to people... What do you love? Figure it out and enjoy it.

As for us weather people.. we know what we love and we enjoy it every day of the year even if the wind is not blowing 45 mph or the rain is not coming down in buckets, it's always there, always changing, always rearranging the landscape. Guess we are a bit restless. Hey...surfs up somewhere... Find your passion and enjoy it.

Be back soon with more information on Shari who is out there somewhere wanting to form and wanting to come and blow your house down...

Sweet Tropical Dreams


Just remember...nothing is new under the sun and history is always repeating ...


At 2:02 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

I have to answer your rhetorical question, I mean who wouldn't- geology can affect anyone on this entire earth - (and who knows, are there really men on the moon?)-but I digress..Gidget looks pretty silly and history - bad history is not worth repeating, especially if fire accompanies it. I could go on,but then my post would be longer than yours........and it is nice to be old and know love can happen again just because we can love ourselves first. Ok, am going on and still curious about Shari, - that's the maybe invest, have not checked yet, and it is Shari the storm (not the person)that may be the next metrological question. tbc :)


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