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Thursday, September 16, 2010

WILD WEATHER IN BROOKLYN... Igor continues on towards Bermuda

Crazy weather day far from the tropics as strong weather and a possible tornado made its way across the New York City area. Eye witness reports from my daughter and son told of severe constant lightning in Brooklyn and in Crown Heights the sky turned black as a huge low cloud descended across the area.. my son said it felt like Kansas... or maybe Iowa when tornadoes are skipping across the corn fields. Luckily, he made it into a pizza store on Kingston Avenue and watched what seemed like a normal, tropical rainstorm in Miami in Brooklyn. The storm passed fast but not so fast that it didn't do quite a bit of damage. My daughter still thinks there was a tornado in that cloud that looked a lot like a wall cloud. My kids know weather... the National Weather Service will evaluate the damage in the morning to say whether it was straight line wind damage of a possible funnel cloud.

A few early preliminary pictures are here.. worse ones are up at and all the other photo news sites that cover the NY area.

Far away... in the tropics Igor continues moving towards a date with destiny in Bermuda... they will be very lucky if this is not their storm to remember.

Karl continues off towards Mexico. Julia continues walking along side of Igor more of less.

All the talk is of the possible formation of a storm in the Carib next week sometime that would not curve at 65 or 70 and not slam into Tex-Mex ... but could move up towards Florida or Alabama... a few wild model runs have it make a run for Tampa and places on the west coast of Florida... Cuba could get a part of the action. Only time will tell...

As for me... busy cooking and planning things for tomorrow when we eat a meal before Yom Kippur and celebrate another Jewish Holiday which occurs over the Jewish Sabbath when I am not online anyway. So.. suppose I will be back Saturday Night and we will see what we will see.

Another site out of NY with info on that freak storm system that raced through the metro area. Picture of the turned over truck is from the site below..

My daughter was on her way to Touro College, my son Sruly.... watching from inside Kingston Pizza. Another daughter was hunkered down in Flatbush...

As for me... fighting off a set of cluster migraines, been off more as there is not much to add to the forecast except ... pray for Bermuda that they get lucky and Igor goes wide right or wide left.

So... with all this talk of Brooklyn, thinking it's time for trip... maybe Yud Tes Kislev (Chabad holiday..) or sooner... kids coming in from Crown Heights for Sukkos so am going to be busy. If something blows up that threatens the USA I'll be around.

Listening to good video that whether you are Jewish or not Jewish ... has soul. And, somewhere in there... is a fast brief glimpse of my son singing with his friends.

Wild weather wakes you up... makes you appreciate how tenuous our "normal" is every day and how fast some storm... ice storm, rain storm or wind storm can take our world and turn it upside down.

May you all be blessed with good weather and good family and good friends ;)

Besos Bobbi


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