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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Watch N Wait Day For the Caribbean

Either it boils into something... or it never congeals. One or the other. Either we are being led down the country lane and off the beaten track away from reality or we are waiting for some Caribbean Storm to form named Nicole that takes the path in life that Matthew didn't want to take. Of course, this could be Matthew the Remake but I really think the regime at the NHC will go with Nicole IF it forms.

Sunday Morning Models:

Mind you this is what they are expecting the remnants of Matthew to do... vs a new storm with a new center. Only time will tell on this one.

Model output from the other day:

Tampa in play also:

Every day another Florida city seems to get creamed by the system that has not yet formed and may never form but probably will form.


The Carib is ripe for the picking, like peaches on a tree in Georgia in the summer... course you know what happens if you wait too long? They get over ripe, they get brown spots and fall on the ground and rot... Everything is in timing... Some peaches are Clingy and some are Freestone... same family, same fruit, same color... just different.

Maybe there will be too much wind or no upper level support...and it will be just rain and wind with no name.

Will see... it's a watch and wait day for the tropics as Matt moves slowly westward and Lisa moves slowly northward and I move slowly on with my life.

Nice holiday here... very nice, beautiful weather...though a bit on the warm side. Still think the East Coast deserves a storm this year... King/Cleo sort of path.

My sukkoth... my world for the last 3 days when I was away and not online.

The Van has left, the kids are on their way back to Crown Heights. Part of me wanted to stow away with them sooooo bad. Crown Heights on Sukkos is better than Disney and Islands of Adventure and even possibly better than a walk down Duval Street in Key West... friends, music in the streets, people dancing, friends from all over the world... maybe next year. Or maybe tomorrow... no just teasing. Here, home, watching the tropics and waiting for the Miami Dolphins to play some football.

And...watching for Matt to come back to life or Nicole to form and move North towards Florida and my brother's Sukkoth ;)

Besos Bobbi


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