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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nicole Shoots Up The Coast.... FL to NC.. Pinball Wizard Queen

Great pic from the great ;)

Something about this reminds me of a pinball game. You take a marble, nice and shiny and you put it in a barrel and shoot it up a track that is preset and only has so many options.

Remember the movie Tommy? All the weather casters online and off are screaming for the storm to form...screaming to see graphics and loops and warnings and watches and we are waiting for her entrance onto the stage... it's getting mean and hungry out there.

Well...I mean weather forecasters in Miami and Melbourne need to know what to put into their forecast for WEDNESDAY...not 5 days away but pretty much what to say for tomorrow.


Can a storm form all the way down there and shoot up the hurricane highway through some of the most populated cities on the East Coast Map???

Well....the planes are going in and by the time I update this post we will find out of the meteorological hordes are happy and if the population along the coast from Miami to New York needs to worry on Nicole.... either way they will get a whole lot of rain.

Record rain in Wilmington, NC where a small child died yesterday when he got away from his babysitter and wandered into a drainage ditch or something that became a raging river in a flooded area... sad but oddly IF this becomes Nicole... she may have taken her first life and she has not even formed yet. Think on that... The frontal system that will give supernatural strength to Nicole is already in place.

Now ...all she has to do is show her pretty face.

Keep watching.... enjoy the music... it's the only music I got today ;)

Going to the gym for ballet/stretch/yoga and we won't be working out to Tommy I can promise you that!

Be back in a bit with more definitive info on what is currently our RED circle with an 80% chance of forming ....

Besos Bobbi
Ps while I am gone you can go to and watch Jim's excellent discussion on the home page or see what people have to say at

Or you can space out to the music and watch some loops ... your choice...


I still say the center if further to the east from where recon is supposedly looking but only time will tell and that's a different songwriter and a way different Jim lol.


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Here we goooooo...


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