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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Late Night Update.... TD 16 (or Nicole??)

models below including the official track that takes it over Miami/WPB and inland into NC after making landfall near Wilmington.. maybe Kure Beach/Ocean Isle.

For what it's worth I agree with Joe Bastardi on this one.

It's a system coming out of the tropics producing strong winds of tropical storm force intensity over a large area... name it a tropical storm already and let's move on. Much weaker systems have been named this year out in the middle of nowhere.

People are just people... we are NOT stupid... a "weak tropical depression" gets low attention... a weak tropical storm with a name gets attention and it deserves attention. From traffic accidents to people out on boats to random bad weather and strong gusts... a lot can happen and to dumb it down and pretend it's just another day of wild weather is frivolous and not what we have the National Hurricane Center for ... to prepare us for "possible" problems and give forecasts (forecasts are predictions) not carved in stone. Monuments to people who have died in Hurricanes are carved in stone.. nice one down in the Keys on the Overseas Highway.

As for this little storm that is going to travel up I95... it needs to be watched. Not worried on... no shutters or freaking... but watched.

Miami to Palm Beach will get possible tropical storm force winds and they can do damage. Then it will go back out over the water and make landfall somewhere near Oak Island to the south of Wilmington NC headed inland. There is great worrying in the NC/VA area about flooding inland around the mountains and yet I am hearing nothing about it on local weather or on the blogs which I find more curious than the NHC not naming it.

We will see tomorrow morning if she finds her groove and they can name her and get this over with. At the moment you get the feeling they would like to kill her off and hand her over to the NWS like one very wet football.

I suppose it is very hard for anyone to take seriously a storm that is still down south of Cuba as affecting an area in NC in less than two days but it can and most likely will happen. The NHC has been spot on this year with track, tho off on intensity often.

When a storm catches a cold front... it's rocket like effect.

Next .... an area out in the Atlantic moving towards the wnw is most likely going to be a concern next week for Miami and areas near Miami. Just a small heads up... pay attention.

And, if you want to hear an excellent discussion of this storm and the tropics today... go to the following link and listen to Jim Williams who stays on topic, is excellent and worth listening to tonight and always.

Dash Cam ;) boy bet it's fun driving around with a dashcam ... might giggle myself to sleep.

Sweet Tropical Dreams...Bobbi


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