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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is She Nicole? A Tropical Storm? A Tropical Depression? Or a Perfect Storm?

Sitting here watching the remnants of Julia moving eastward towards the collision of the Frontal Boundary and the storm most likely known as a Depression as of this posting. Three systems on the map... reminds me of the Perfect Storm set up in a way though further to the south.

Merging of the Tropical Low with the Front will make it an extratropical or subtropical storm..

What is in a name??

Miami is getting wet and getting wet now... more tomorrow... then on to the Carolinas as it takes the Cold Front Express.

I have already have 3 phone calls from kids in Miami... it's pouring and the sky looks more threatening than your normal afternoon thunderstorm.

I do expect this to be upgraded and it should be.

I do hope everyone takes it seriously as Bonnie was kind and hopefully Nicole will be too however if the moisture wraps more before landfall the strong weather might not stay offshore and hope people stay safe and properly pay attention. Unlike my kids are texting me pictures... Lord, I wonder where they get THAT from???

Pics from two pics taken seconds apart...

Stay tuned for more info later as the situation becomes more clear as to what exactly Tropical Depression 16 really is and where she is going.


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