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Sunday, August 22, 2010


That's straight from the 11 AM Advisory... no go for upgrade just yet...

Note that the TD is the system to the left of the BIG circle with strong Dvorak colors and beautiful alignment.

Next... note that TD 6 is having problems as once again shear is blowing her clothes off and her pretty yellow and red sun dress keeps falling off her shoulder to the left... her center is way too exposed for rapid intensification which of course means she will get further west and stay lower caught in the lower level steering currents and not jump NW until she solves this problem.

Earl on the other hand... way too early to call him Earl but hey it's my blog and how can you not call him Earl??

Earl is one of the best aligned systems I have seen and would be affected by shear but less affected because he has his act together better than his wayward sister who is trying to find her name still.

Tracks are predictable and unreliable and only for entertainment purposes so I will wait til tonight to really give my thoughts.

Have a beautiful Sunday where ever you all be and see ya all later...

Besos Bobbi


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