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Saturday, August 21, 2010

TD 6 Forms in the Far Atlantic and Another Beautiful Wave Comes Off of Africa

As exciting as it is to have a bona fide Cape Verde Tropical Depression to track it is almost impossible not to stare at the new wave coming off of Africa. It's like the purple elephant in the room. Can't believe the NHC hasn't painted a yellow circle over Senegal the way it looks.

As for TD 6 it's all a matter of timing. If it develops fast it will take the fishy track and veer off into the middle of the ocean. If it develops slowly it will continue along the bottom side of that cone which they will pull ever so slightly left with each advisory until it begins to move more to the NW.

Either way the new wave off of Africa, the one we will call the Purple Wave for now will stay on a more westerly track thanks to Danielle.

Could the new wave become Earl? Probably... hard to picture it not becoming earl... earlier rather than later.

I smell Florida Storm even this far out... but will see... time will tell and all that jazz.

Another fish in the fire might be IF something forms close in around Florida that could change the set up... it's not looking likely... either out of the area that was near the Carolinas or as some models have hinted in the NE Gulf of Mexico but as of this evening I don't see it as the State of Florida seems to be in the way. Nice rain in Jax... nice game in Jax for the Fins.

Will wait until tomorrow night to do a real analysis on what I think on the lady named Danielle or her feisty big brother Earl.

For now just pointing it out and giving him a heads up because he could be a real player down the road.

Loop this model and see how it shows Danielle sort of stuck there... CAPPED so to speak and unable to continue swimming out to sea so fast... tho next model run may change and other models show Earl as a much bigger storm.

I think it's interesting that the NHC will often say all the models are in agreement and the only thing they really are agreeing on is a general movement in this direction or that direction... up close and person they tell a different story, each with it's own plot twist.

Going to bed... victory is sweet even in pre-season..

Keep watching...

Besos Bobbi


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