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Monday, August 23, 2010

Danielle on her way to Cane, Earl forming right behind her

Having problems with a tune stuck in my head and it won't go away so passing it alone to you all and that way least we will be on the same musical page.

Danielle is on her way but I think she knows where she's going but Earl... Earl is another story. I think Earl will enjoy playing down by some school yard somewhere before this month is over.

What I want to show here this morning is how different Danielle is today from the storm she was yesterday...

Dvorak shows a different picture also....

Nice storm Danielle... nice name...

Earl... E storms have always been a problem for me though I always laugh on things written on a Tropical Storm Earl in the Gulf years back.

So.... going to watch Danielle spin up today and will be back later with my thoughts on the track.

I do think the NHC has been a bit off on her... I mean they did forecast her to move NW at 13 and she ended up barely due north of West for a while this morning though a more WNW track seems the thing to expect for now.

What I will talk about tonight is Andrew and my memories and the memories that Earl might make down the line. If Earl forms and I do believe he will his track will stay more to the south and he will be Westbound and looking for a place to party.

Everyone in South Florida should take this quiet time to stock up and make lists for what you may need to do should Earl come a calling... and that goes for the Carolinas and the Gulf of Mexico.... because Danielle is running favors for big brother and though she may dance out to sea... Earl may party in some beautiful ports of call.

Besos Bobbi
Ps the longer it takes for Earl to form ...the more his big sis keeps him down the further west he will get and by then he should be under more of a ridge. As for Danielle... she should be Cane by the end of the day.


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