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Thursday, August 26, 2010

D and E at 11pm

Danielle & Earl in mid ocean with the soon to be feisty Fiona in the far right side of the picture.

The team of scientists that will fly off into Earl are on their way to Barbados. A very brief discussion at 11 said what we already know and the new map grid for Earl shows him clipping the 20/60 box on his way to make a turn up into the Atlantic. Yes, follow the dotted like that Max would always say not to look at and you see it clips the SW side of the 20/60 line.

I'm not sold on anything until recon goes in. Hey, I know some of those guys. They are like the Canadian Mounties...they find their man! Will have better data and better track data when that happens.

Strong surf and rip currents will be part of the beach forecast from the Carolinas northward so if you are planning on going to the beach this weekend, stay safely on the sand where you can take fantastic pics and don't venture out into the surf.

As for Earl.... he looks better tonight after a blow up at the center yet oddly there is another big blow up to his south... hopefully in one of his bands and not some relocation of his center. Who knows? The Gods of Hurricanes I suppose or maybe Neptune himself? I'll know more tomorrow after a good nights sleep when I will be dreaming of hurricanes swirling in my head.

Fun watching Burn Notice. It's like old home week... all my favorite haunts on TV.

Stay tuned, this is no summer finale this is only the start of the action.

Sweet Tropical Dreams

GRAND TURK 34 X X( X) X( X) X( X) X( X) X( X) 4( 4
34 Knots that is...4% chances..low but to see it say Grand Turk is a constant reminder it is moving into our part of the world.


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