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Friday, August 27, 2010

Category Four Morning

In my world this is known as a Major Hurricane Day... Intense Hurricane Day...and luckily that intense hurricane is far, far away.

So, hello weekend and goodbye work week.... my mind is caught between hurricanes and seasons and rhymes and reasons.

Watched Burn Notice last night, remembered standing in that cemetery with someone and he said how it would be a great setting for a scene.... he was so right lol. Oh Lordie as my grandma used to say.

So, Earl's out there playing possum, layin low and trying not to breathe too deeply because the dust is still out there and any longitude now he is going to be able to start breathing better. I know how he feels.

Danielle is supposedly on her way to make a curve out to sea, only problem is she is currently doing the dip in a fancy tango move and she better pull up and continue on her way. Category Four Hurricanes have a way of doing their own thing. I mean seriously, who tells a Cat 4 hurricane what to do and what if she becomes a Cat Five? Could happen. Not saying she is going to veer west and slam into Virginia... just saying any delay in her departure could have affects down the road on Earl. See Earl Fanatics are counting on Danielle to go quickly into that tropical night and depart the scene.

Take a look at this most beautiful loop:

See Danielle do a dip, hmnnnnn strange wasn't in the discussion...

I also notice that the frontal boundary is firing up over it's south end and not it's north end, high pressing down.... smells of a delay in plans to me. Notice another thing, the way Danielle is pressing down on Earl... holding him in check as he moves further west caught up in the westward flow and pushed down by the outflow of Danielle. It's a beautiful dance... some major moves in there..

Remember at some point Danielle fades away and the E storm becomes strong.

As for Earl his future depends greatly on Danielle and now it seems his future may depend on Fiona, caught between two lovers...what's a Guy Cane gonna do?

Some very respectable models have hinted that Fiona will be in the Bahamas 10 days from now and I am not talking the Turks and Caicos but Abaco.. but a 10 day forecast is one that is prone to flip flopping.

So... what do we do?

We watch. We wait. If you live anywhere between Cape Hatteras and Key West I would refill your meds, especially any meds you might take for allergies, anxiety or asthma and stock up on batteries, get some Patron Tequila (only the best) and don't make any long range plans because if Earl won't get you Fiona might...

It's a Category 4 Morning... make the most of it! I did ;)

And, now am going to go eat a fast breakfast, zumba, cook for shabbos and plan out my Sunday. Surfs Up ;)

Gidget signing off ;)

Besos Bobbi

Ps...when the Meyer Kids would finish their partying... I would keep the empty Patron bottles because roses look so beautiful in them ...especially those little minis ;) I'll be back later in the day for a closer look at Earl and any possible changes to the forecast that come up.


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