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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Shake, Rattle & Roll and The Winner Is....

And the winner is..............the wanna be Alex that will most likely get upgraded to Tropical Depression status and even possibly the name Bonnie. Not sure on the name.. time will tell. Something going on there, what it is ain't exactly clear but the beautiful men in their flying machines are investigating it as we suffer through torrid weather on the East Coast.

It's 94 degrees at 9pm in Raleigh... I can't wait to be home next week in Miami in good old high 80s and the humidity that goes with tropical weather. The last time I felt the air this hot and dry I was in L.A. and a Santana Wind was about to come barreling down the mountains about to scorch the basin.

Speaking of California... a 5.4 earthquake has just rattled an area near San Diego. I keep wondering if it's a random occurrence of the start of some shake, rattle and roll vs the Shake and Bake summer in Virginia and the Carolinas... not to mention NYC and their hyped up heat wave. Hey... it's hot, not saying it's not.

Just saying that at this point I think we have a tropical disturbance in the Gulf and possibly it could become a Depression headed for Brownsville or the Border.

There is a mid-level circulation there but has it worked it's way down to the surface.

Either way.... it wins the prize from the July 4th Colored Circle Raffle!!

Stay tuned.... will update tomorrow morning... sweet tropical dreams..

Besos Bobbi


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