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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Joy of the Water Vapor Loop and the Search for Bonnie and Colin

Part of the joy of tropical tracking is watching a different scene play out every day. There is no joy in Tropicville for trackers today... and even the Atlantic is wearing a sort of sad face as witnessed above :(

The differences from twelve hours ago to the current image is interesting. The dark trench of dry air that was in the East Carib has been erased by moisture. The left side of the swirling entities in the North Atlantic took over and the right side has gone to sleep. The wave in the mid-Atlantic popped out of nowhere and everything changes every twelve hours or so.

Unlike our lives which take a lot longer to change the water vapor loop is always evolving, always fresh, new, different, similar but fluid and fantastic to watch...every day even on days without a storm forming.

I suppose it's like fishing. I've never been a big fisherman sort of girl though I have a best friend named Fishing. Usually we talk about life, the tropics and what sort of food we like to hold in our hands. But, I do know fishing people go to the water and stare down a lot, look up at the sky, feel the wind and have all sorts of signs they read to see whether the fish will or won't be jumpin' today. And, to each person the sign may be a little different... muddy water, clear water... "need to wait a few more days...."

Watch the sunrise at the end of Duval Street early in the morning and you'll see all the early morning fisherman people casting their lines and debating if the fish will bite or not while totally ignoring couples taking pics of themselves with the sun rising behind them. of the joys of Key West is that you can watch the same sun rise and watch it set without going anywhere, truly paradise.

The water vapor is to wave watchers the same way fisherman look for signs.

Conditions will be better in a day or two. The NHC gives a wave a zero percent chance of developing. Why bother? Well, they are noting it... or noting it and saying "don't bother" or just looking for something to talk about. Possibly the young uns as my friend Judd would say were watchin the store while the A team were out celebrating July 4th... haha 4 circles on July 4th!! Maybe we got a joker there.... today the A team is back and they have yanked those two mischievous circles and down to 2. There is an orange circle by the Yucatan where Alex2 wants to form and a small yellow circle hovering over the coast of like a Tropical UFO or the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Yes, the area that Jim Cantore thinks should have been a named system (if given another six hours over water) may re-emerge over water and we can hammer it to death again on the message boards.

I'm wondering personally if the orange circle forms... should we bother wasting the name Bonnie on it and can't we just call it Alex2 The Sequel?

So, back to the water vapor loop.... watch it, play with it, get to know it. It shows you possibilities and probabilities and trends that are developing that will put out a Welcome Mat for Tropical Development or a "Closed for Fishing" sign... if you get my drift and am sure you do.

Compare and contrast the picture below with the picture above..

Notice how the dark trenches in the Carib have been erased and there is more moisture what with to work with as Ole Judd Juggmonger would say. And, a really purty wave has popped out in the Middle of the Atlantic that if I was being allowed to play with the crayola at the NHC i would color it in sort of mauve like...

And, notice also today that the orange system over the Yucatan is going red and I do believe there should be a little yellow circle out in the Atlantic because I do think that system wants to go shopping in the Caribbean.

Maybe it's shopping for my brother's birthday which is today :)
Happy Birthday Bro... you da best big brother a girl ever had that was her younger brother ;)

As for the NHC.... come on guys either a Zero is a Zero or it's a 1... lemme put it to you this way. If something says "less than 1 gram of Fiber" on the package you don't count that as ONE GRAM OF Fiber when figuring out the points. Nope... it does not count. For those of you doing points on Weight Watchers...explain it to the NHC please ;)

As for my brother....

Happy Birthday Baby ;)

Besos Bobbi


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