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Sunday, July 04, 2010

4th of July in the Tropics

As the fireworks explode, somewhere over yonder on the other side of the pine trees fireworks are exploding all over the tropics, orange and yellow big balls of tropical energy going bang, kaboom and pow all across the Tropical Atlantic.

The NHC has painted the basin in those crayola colors you loved as a child. Yellow, Yellow-Orange and Orange. When they figure out who is hiding the red crayon, expect to see them paint the Caribbean red.

Alex 2 the Sequel is sequestered in the SW Carib, trying to make a run for the border. A spooky sort of path which makes you scream Deja VU. There is a yellow for low circle in the Gulf near the oil rig making the execs at BP pop Tagamet faster than beer chugged at the White House. A pre-requisite area of tropical moisture circles just east of the Florida coast ...a remnant of a long ago TD 4 is stuck in a climo favored area for weak, sketchy development and a wave out east of the islands is screaming REMEMBER ME ... remember me.... don't forget me...

A few days ago the models went psycho and beginning spitting out tropical cyclones like balls in a pin ball machine, 1, 2, 3 and 4... one looped around in circles off of the North Carolina coast... one took a bee line for the Gulf of Mexico... one floundered in the Atlantic... Everyone made fun of the models and wondered what more could be done to adjust them, some were adjusted and played with a while back but still they kept lobbing tropical cyclones at forecasters as futuristic storms B, C, D and possibly even E.

Now, a few days later the NHC has painted the Caribbean with Peter Farrelly Yellow and a Butternut Squash Orange... or is that Mango Orange.

Either way... only time will tell if any of these circles explode or simply fizzle like a fast burning sparkler.

At the moment the area in the Atlantic is looking better than it's 20% chance. Who knows, maybe it will be upgraded to orange-yellow ;) or orange-red.

Either way the Grand Finale is waiting off in the distance for Labor Day...

Pick your circle and start tracking. We may get into the Greek Alphabet yet this season.

Besos Bobbi
Happy 4th of July!!


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