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Monday, May 17, 2010

Tybee Island Hurricane History... A Day at a Beautiful Beach

Spent the day yesterday at Tybee Island which to the best of my thinking is one of the South's best kept secrets. What a beautiful beach. I mean beautiful. The sand is soft, powdery soft and small shells do not litter the beach but look as if they were placed there in some arrangement decorated by God or Neptune himself. You can walk without shells cutting into you like on some beaches round these parts and without stones and coral cutting into your feet like on the Florida Keys. It's a wide, open, hard packed beach down near the shoreline that allows you to walk barefoot with a friend who is in sneakers... The breeze is delicious, the pier quaint and friendly with a big round pavilion complete with picnic tables and the sense that somewhere back in a history a similar pier existed where people danced and swayed above the waves.

There is also lots of hurricane history! In fact, everywhere you go are signs that show you exactly what the storm surge would be in a Category 3 or 4 or 5. Category one would bring it in over my head, just in case you were wondering...

The drive down to Tybee is second only to the drive down to the Florida Keys, driving across scenic low country marsh is magnificent and makes you feel close to God and the creator of this beautiful paradise.

There have been many hurricanes in this part of the country, but they are few and far between giving you the illusion of safety from storms forming far away in the Tropics. That frankly is an illusion, but a nice one... As they do form and on rare occasions they move over this beautiful beach and submerge most of the real estate that is not built up high on stilts. But, it doesn't happen often...

I have always loved Savannah, since I was a little girl and my father and I walked around the boarded up, broken down buildings that whispered sweet tales from yesteryear and first read about plans to do some sort of restoration.

And, what a restoration they did. Every time I am there I am amazed all over again though I will always remember my first image of old, wrought iron grill work over boarded up windows with history peeking through calling out my name.

We watched the sunset over the river from the bar on top of the beautiful, Bohemian Hotel.

This is an online picture of the tables where we watched the sunsent:

This is a picture I took below. Note how rare it is the picture is like the brochure and note it did not catch the fireflies that danced at the edge of the roof and the heat lighting off in the distance.

The word beautiful cannot be redundant when speaking of Savannah, it is definitive!

For some hurricane history...

General Tybee Island history...,_Georgia

And here's some great video of what it is to see Tybee from the air from one of those parasailer's cameras and what it would look like to you if you dare...

As for the tropics today... a nice purple blob came off Africa the other day, a little to low and a little too early but very pretty in purple.

And as for the geological forecast of the Tropics I don't know what to tell you because Puerto Rico is still shaking from the earthquake the other day.

As for me... headed home in time for the start of the South Florida Rainy Season.

Raining now as I type this, coming down in buckets of silver raindrops filling up the parking lot of this hotel in Jacksonville where we sit doing some work and washing the raindrops fall. And, I am pondering why a hotel that bills itself as a "Green" Hotel use Styrofoam plates for breakfast?

Less than two weeks until we have Tropical Updates on The Weather Channel.

If you need to watch one now, here is one from Jim Williams at Hurricane City.

Besos Bobbi


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