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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Carolina Snow Storm - Shuts down the city...

It's as if they had a hurricane, the news shows closings on a scroll and people are walking to Church or Temple these days. Cars don't start easily and I figure that's a blessing. The less cars on the road, until they clear the roads, the better.

The snow is more like ice than snow, banks of ice. Hours of little, itsy, bitsy ice pellets fell yesterday on top of about 5 inches of snow ... another inch fell over night possibly. Hard to tell, measures differently in some spots and in some spots I could not get the ruler into the snow through the ground... which is a good measure of how icy it is verses snowy.

I picked a good week to be in Carolina it seems, as I am watching shadows dance across the snow and the sun turning the top layer into small, crystals glistening in the sunlight... more snow like than ice. I've lived up north, I know a true snow event, this was a winter mix event it seems.

Last night on some weather site I read it referred to as "snow mist" new term, never heard that one. The snow was barely flakes, not quite ice and not fog...

But, it shuts down a city? No newspaper yesterday, possibly later today. Woke up thinking, wow a cup of coffee and the paper and I'll watch the snow... no paper, lots of snow.

A "State of Emergency" was declared by the Governor of North Carolina for this area and most areas. Hard for me to think on five to seven inches shutting down a city. This is a city that people live in because "they love seasons" yet they seem to dislike snow and are happy it doesn't snow... hardly ever. Moved down from Pittsburgh and Buffalo and Milwaukee, they love the seasons but "who wants snow??" I hear it all the time. I don't get it. To me...winter is snow.

Winter with the cold, gray, damp cold and no snow is like sex without foreplay.

The city gets down into the teens frequently, yet rarely does it snow. I can't figure out why anyone would put a city here, let alone a State Capitol. Maybe they figure it's safer, reliable but it's boring. No hurricanes, no storm surge, no snow... a long fall and a semi long spring and a summer with no air movement, no beautiful random thunderstorms like you see out on the Plains or in Florida. Now, Greensboro, they get weather. Wilmington, oh wow weather...they even got some of this snow. Asheville, which I have not seen but hear about endlessly, gets weather.

Raleigh is really boring, usually. But today... there is snow like a picture postcard and the city is closed and it's a day for making soup or chili and lots of coffee and relaxing by the fire or reading the paper (when it comes...) or writing...which I will do a lot today I think...

Yup... Carolina in the snow... enjoy the pics.

I'll still take a hurricane anytime, the roar of the wind... nothing is like that, except for a SnowCane... a blizzard on Nags Head possibly. Will see... maybe one day...

For a weather person...there is nothing more exciting than a real weather event. Well, surfing or making love in a storm... to a storm...

You can take the girl out of Florida, but you can't take the tropics out of the girl.. or a Jimmy Buffett song stuck in my brain..

Besos Bobbi

Ps... making cuban coffee and giving thanks for weather friends...


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