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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Tropical Storm Erika 60 MPH, Could be a hurricane tomorrow..

I'm going out on a limb with this but I really do think Erika has it in her to intensify to a minimal hurricane tomorrow.

Also, going with the two models that see it as a stronger storm not a weaker storm.


The faster that Erika intensifies the faster she reshuffles the deck so to speak and is she is able to build a high on top of her than that may minimize any shear that could negatively affect her. She has been consolidating her energy and growing in size all night. She has green on Funktop and she is literally throbbing. I chose this picture above to show how large she is and how much of a bulls eye look she has that other storms this year have not had.

The models are still split... a lot depends on timing but I don't think any predicted her to be this strong tonight...

So, see what the new model runs say but I would say everyone from Florida to the Carolinas should not count this out. A lot depends on timing... how big, how fast..

More tomorrow... Besos Bobbi


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