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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Patterns To Watch... Fred hanging in, GRACE coming into focus...

Will update this later day as I think the NHC will upgrade the big yellow circle by Africa to at least an orange one. Nice wave, looking good. Why she won't fizzle as fast as Fred did I don't know and want to know..

Fred is hanging in, convecting, twisting and moving along like some slow moving ghost wave getting a thin burst of energy off of the developing Grace. See the link between the two and this translates to a life line of sorts for what's left of Fred. Meanwhile, Fred has a busy Ocean to swim through and things are not very conducive right now for any tropical systems. Look how empty ..void...clean..the globe looks except for one big frontal boundary, again... a frontal, zonal pattern vs a tropical one.

Could something form at the bottom of that front near Florida? Boy, that would be a long shot. Can Fred hang in there?? Will Grace develop?

That and a few other unasked questions will be answered later today and tomorrow.

Tune in later... for a longer post with some deeper thoughts. Late for a meeting right now and have to move out of Tropical Mode back into the Real World!

Beautiful isn't it?

Besos Bobbi!


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