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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fred's Alive or Maybe It's a Ghost? Models take it towards the Carolinas as a weak, weak system..

The question is are the models right? Can the weak remnant low keep itself together enough to get far enough west to get to warmer water while maintaining his connection with the Intertropical Convergence Zone?

If you watch this loop you can see he is beginning to steal some moisture from the wave behind him and he has made a slow movement towards the west or wnw a bit.

Great loop, shows so much. I still am a water vapor loop fan but that loop shows so much and as long as there is a moisture feed, a ribbon of orange and red going down to the ITZ the remnant low formerly known as "FRED" has a chance to come back to life and "pulse up" as we say in the biz here.

This is a short update tonight, just to let you know that the models are still playing footsies with Fred. He could be off of Florida over the weekend moving slowly up along the path of least resistance this year cruising up the Gulf stream towards the Carolinas.

Could...would...only if he does what he should and follows the models. And, then I wonder.. perhaps with weak systems like this we think it's Fred and it's really the wave behind him the models are playing with... hard to say.

Either way... I'll be back tomorrow after I get some sleep and take a look at the new models and at the satellite visuals of Fred.

Overdosed today on football. Got a present from Santa in September and got to watch the Miami Dolphins on TV. Unfortunately it was a hard candy Christmas and the Fins lost but I was so happy to see them on TV that it didn't hurt as much as usual. Then again, was taking strong pain meds for a bad headache may not set in until tomorrow that we lost our first game of the season. Currently, I am watching Green Bay. Always loved Green Bay, more fun than watching San Francisco earlier and missed the cut boy toy quarterback playing for the Jets earlier today..then won!

Green Bay beat Chicago. I'm smiling!!

Hey, we have to have back ups and Plan Bs in life when things don't work out the way we expect them to. Normally, this is Prime Time for Hurricane Trackers and Chasers and when God gives you lemons, you gotta learn to make lemonade and if you are smart, you'll add a drop of grape juice and make pink lemonade out of it.

So... the best update on Fred I have heard anywhere online or off is by my friend Jim Williams on his tropical update online. Great job, love when he says "busts through" lol and well.. he is Jim, an original, a wonderful guy.

Check it out and as Jim says... I'll be back in a bit when there is something to say.

And, maybe the meds will wear off by tomorrow, the sleep will help the headache and I will have some more information on the Remnant Low of the Hour :)

Is Fred really alive? Hmmmmmm we will see what we will see. Otherwise, we may be back tomorrow night singing Casper the Friendly Ghost :(

Sweet tropical dreams... Bobbi


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