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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fred, Fred, Fred... Why are you red tonight? Bahama System a possibility...

Well, the NHC did not upgrade the yellow to orange but they did put a yellow circle by my possible Bahama system that I mentioned earlier on the blog. It's only a yellow and it's a broad area but anytime you have a front hanging out like that, something could develop easily enough.. be it tropical or subtropical it could get a name if it develops. A less than 30% chance of "ifs" but since we are quiet tropically it is worth talking about.

As for the Cape Verde Wave...what is there to say? Nice enough but don't think it's all it's cracked up to be and the atmospheric dynamics have not changed and can't see it doing much more than Fred has done so far...

Which brings us back to Fred... he is no longer a naked remnant low but a fairly bright light in the otherwise dark sea. He is red on satellite imagery and shows up nicely on a few different satellites. Time will tell but if he is a ghost he looks to be trying to come out of the attic and make some mischief. Not quite at 60 west which is where I thought he would fire up but well.. keep watching. It's not over til it's over.

And, lastly wanted to post a link to a great book that would be worth having for anyone interested in hurricanes.

Beautiful pictures on the cover too... great book..take a look, go on..

As for me, going to bed. Been a busy day and went to a few seminars and took some interesting notes and going to go to sleep before I think too much more on Fred.

Great song in Fred's honor. Well, actually it's in someone else's honor but I thought I would show it seeing as we are talking about ghost stories..

Besos Bobbi..Sweet Tropical Dreams...


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