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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Erika Continues West...

She's hanging in there barely and we will see what happens in a few days.

Best discussion I can give right now is to link to Jim Williams at Hurricane City, he gave a magnificent update and it explains what is going on now and might happen down the line.

Watch, please... it's excellent.

Also, NHC is asking for ship reports... and there is a discussion available at the NHC.

Just stopping in to say ...we will see if Erika disappates or if she ramps up later after she tangos with Hispanola and the Islands.

Only thought I have to add is that often storms bounce off of Hispanola funny and or seem to reform somewhere else and suddenly its a whole new ball game. When you have a Tropical Storm that is this poorly formed with multiple centers a center far away from the last forecasted plot can suddenly get hot. Sometimes weak tropical storms that don't fade away can be a pain later in the game. Or..they simply fade away...

Sweet dreams.. Bobbi


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