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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Erika Continues West... Still a Storm...still battling shear

So... still a Tropical Storm and still battling shear. Let's hope the NHC can pay off the devil and have Haiti do the final punch in this saga known as Erika or Florida may have to deal with her... or the Gulf of Mexico as hard to believe as that is.. can't believe I just typed that.

She is either as weak as they think or stronger then they think.

Keep watching... and a note that Haiti does NOT need Erika's rain, that is one big ball of convection.

As for me.. going to dinner, will be back later

Might want to watch Erika spin to the song that is stuck in my head...great song for spinning.

Maybe Mister Mistoffelees can conjure up some magik for Erika while she battles shear and disbelievers back at the NHC ;)

Oh smile!!

See ya later..chow for now!!



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