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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Recon Going Into the Red Box NE of PR... stay tuned for more info

The Hurricane Center is sending in the plane to the tropical disturbance that is NE of PR later today. A Red Flag Warning is up for possible development. Red circle means greater than 50% not "any minute it gets a name" and keep that in mind.

Let's put it this way, how much money would you put into your local state lotto if you were told that you have a greater than 50% chance of winning? Generally, the NHC does not upgrade to red box without something getting a designation but not always.

As for this particular little piggy... it is riding in tandem with an upper level low. Not sure if the Low is pulling the cart or the Low is carrying the disturbance piggy back but we will find out for sure soon. This happens often in the tropics and as Stephanie Abrams pointed out.. it is in a similar place that Bill was and has a similar track according to several models but the big difference is I am pointing out .. Bill had a strong low pressure system attached all the way from Africa whereas Danny (if this gets a name) does not and he is riding under the radar maybe... lone ranger style, maybe he is there ..maybe not.

A wave moving in tandem with an upper level low is like that smart kid who has a great potential and bad friends... never sure which is going to win out and how much the bad friends is going to affect him and stop him from achieving his goals. Sometimes, those friends actually help him and spur him on to greatness. It's a dangerous mix and a balance needs to be kept and some distance from the friend (Upper Level Low) would help him get his act together.. maybe. Hope that helped.

Really need one day to see if I am related to Stephanie Abrams. Possible. Heard her say she hated shopping and would be very happy to stay home and watch football. Hmmmnnn football, weather, hates shopping.. maybe we are related!!

So... let's see what the NHC finds out and then we will know if we have Danny or just a disturbed tropical wave in love with an upper level low...

As for me.. unpacking, relaxing and paying some bills and doing some writing.. lots of ING words today... a day for action and to stay on track.

My thoughts on beaches up here that could be within reach of the next possible tropical disturbance..

Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach
video online:

I like Wrightsville, it's an eclectic mix of beach homes... Southern, Key West sort of houses... beach houses on the water and a beautiful South Carolina looking sound with sailboats and back roads and bike paths... and a beautiful beach filled with surfers and shells and friendly people. Have never been disappointed here.. Wilmington has hanging moss, oh my heart...

Ocean Isle Beach.. as I said, a great get away from noise and a quieter beach. Soft sand, quiet... laid back, pretty, serene and south facing beach. A lot of shells, interesting shells.. possible more this week because of Bill's passage north. If you want a quiet beach, this is it.. or Sunset down the road. Serene, pristine.. beautiful place to get away to..

Myrtle Beach..
Oh, what can I say... loved it. Very Florida and very Carolina.. beautiful old Southern homes that look a lot like Florida Southern vs Virgina Southern ... less brick and more white columns and landscaped lawns and I saw hibiscus and Oleander and Palms... the beach is a bit blue/green whereas Wilmington to me is always dark blue. Fun, fun in the sun... beachy, Margaritaville, Victoria Secrets and an Israeli Restaurant where I had a Sampler Platter and Shwarma. Very nice Chabad in Myrtle Beach, successful, busy, welcoming and friendly and blocks from the ocean... plan on going back for a Shabbos sometime soon! Myrtle Beach.. Walked around after lunch (had nana tea, wow..) and walked around Broadway At the Beach and then went swimming. Like going to DisneyWorld but it has the beach and without the stupid mouse!!! Nuff Said..

And, we went swimming to the north of the hotels, in a beautiful residential area that made me feel like I was almost home in Coral Gables but it had a beach and some rise in elevation..and dunes.. oh yes, I love Myrtle Beach!

So... that's my take on what I have seen of these beaches... again they are not my beaches, my beaches are in the Keys... more sitting beaches, watching thunderstorms form out of the Gulf or watching the sunrise at the end of Duval Street but each beach has it's own unique beauty.

Hoping some Hurricane Danny down the road does not destroy any of my beaches anytime soon...

More later.. enjoy the pics....
Besos Bobbi ;)

Margaritaville... Myrtle Beach :)

THE Beach...

They have the most amazing visitor's center, not just Jewish things but info on Myrtle Beach and local living guides, beautiful center they have there. Inspiring..

wow... beautiful...


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