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Monday, August 24, 2009

Possible Tropical Development...


Seriously, back from the beach and looping loops and thinking on the possibilities.

Very possible that this will somehow pull itself together from a messy beginning (wave caught up interacting with an upper level low) and ride up the Eastern Seaboard...or out to sea. We'll see.

Stay tuned and just giving an heads up here... at the Harbor.

Back from the beaches of the beautiful Carolinas, especially South Carolina though I really have come to love Wrightsville Beach. Either way, took a long bath, washed my hair twice and conditioned it twice and think maybe the sand is out now... and I have youtube tunes dancing in my head. Along with the sound of the surf.

Surf was wild ... calmer today. Very hot. Imagine we are not done with coastal cruisers just yet. Cold fronts and hurricanes sometimes go hand in hand it seems... all depends on timing, like everything else in life.

Back in time to track and will see what it looks like tomorrow.

By the way... great wave rolled off of Africa the other day, I like it.

Song from Tom on the message board... music to watch waves by...

Here's a loop ... give it a try...

Nite... Sweet tropical dreams.. Bobbi

Ps.. not my favorite Herb Alpert tune but a good one to watch waves by... busy, like the tropics ... 17 years since Hurricane Andrew...


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