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Monday, August 24, 2009

Possible Tropical Development in Atlantic/Yellow Box Up & @OIB

Visible on Yellow Circle...

and the ever popular water vapor...

Hi there, short on words and long on pictures today.

At OIB and watching the sunrise by the ocean, waves, foam and starfish oh my..

Very beautiful place, give a real heads up to anyone out there who wants to take a nice vacation in a sweet place on the beach with beautiful views of both the ocean and the sound. Southerly Beach so can see sunrise and set, but not directly over the water... nice, very nice....

And, as for the tropics... there is a possibility of tropical formation later in the week (late tuesday/wednesday) of the D storm. Maybe. A little murky right now as it is very close to an upper level low. Models are all over the place as usual before something even forms while in fantasy land. One model takes it into a Bill2 storm and rams it into Long Island and New England, one a bit further out to sea and one keeps it a fish storm. Take your pic..door #1, #2 or #3!! And, again..this is not a done deal and just something to watch while watching news on the devastating fires in Greece or reading up on the aftermath of Bill up in Newfoundland where there was flooding or thinking on buying some hurricane supplies to keep in the house just in case a hurricane makes it to your part of the world this fall. I'm worried on South Florida in October, early October maybe.. not sure, fronts.. Indian Summer, a storm in the Carib... maybe will see.

Above pic is the visible and water vapor... will see, still far out to sea and early!

Runs 3, 2 and 1..

Either way... am going to see the beach today and breathe sea air before heading back inland.

Some nice pics of the beach at sunrise...

Besos Bobbi

I'd post a song but not sure Jimmy has one about the Carolinas except for Prince of Tides and I couldn't find it online ... well sometimes you got to be different...


At 7:38 AM, Anonymous Alfred said...

coulda gone with Coast of Carolina

i woulda gone with James T

At 6:48 PM, Blogger BobbiStorm said...

Well Alfred... you are of course right, I forgot all about "Coast of Carolina" beautiful song... could have, would have if i had thought of it... though see why you woulda gone with James T. Thank you for reminding me.. and suggesting the right music.

Take care, Bobbi


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