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Friday, August 28, 2009

NHC Pulls Dannys Track Back West - Orange Alert for Erika/Wave

Just enough west to possibly impact both Capes in it's path North.

Cape Hatteras and Cape Cod.

My first thought is...are they going to cancel, postpone or change the funeral proceedings for Ted Kennedy or just do them in driving rain. I'm sorry, I am a Florida girl and for years I could not hear the name "Cape Cod" without thinking the Kennedy family and thoughts like that. I know they lived in West Palm Beach, I've been by there, seen it but still they were people from up in Cape Cod. That ..and that great movie "The Russians Are Coming!!' wasn't that Cape Cod?

Short on time or I'd surf online.

Most of the weather in Danny is way to the NE of it's ill defined center so truthfully this won't be much of a weather event but seems the NHC is not that sure and not into gambling so they have put up a watch for the area so... keep watching.

Further west...and south...and a beautiful little wave that is compact, put together and finding's it center. It's name should be Erika.

And, in some incredible soap opera of Biblical proportions because Danny didn't develop into a big strong hurricane he sort of sacrificed himself for Erika, as the aftermath of Danny will not rip of the Atlantic and the high just might stay stronger and they may have to change their cone for Erika as Danny's weakness only makes Erika stronger. What a biblical ballet, a soap opera of meteorological proportions, don't you just love it??

Got to go... see ya later when Danny has moved a bit further along in it's track and the alerts from the NHC have been raised color wise from orange to red for Erika

Besos Bobbi


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