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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Danny Track Further East, has barely moved.. Invest off of Africa

Okay, going to write a longer post when I have more time and Danny has had time to pull his act together. There has been much discussion that he has great possibilities, if only and we are waiting for the "if only" today...

His naked swirl (as we call it in the tracking west/wnw however his convection is Irene like following the track of the NHC and blowing off and relocating along the track set out for it. Possibly it can pull its convection and center of circulation in the same direction.. and head north and then out to sea... cause right now his turning and walking away, got to pull it together Danny, youse a mess...

Good new!! Newest track saves Cape Cod from a Weekend Landfall..

And, in the far Atlantic is a beautiful, little wave and a nicer, bigger wave behind it getting ready to grab the E name for this year... Erika... is calling in the Atlantic Wind.. all the way from Africa.

She is small but she has a center and looks beautiful, at least for now.. before she possibly goes poof tomorrow..

Keep watchin'

And...see you all later.

Danny...well Danny needs a good reason it seems to get moving... give it one reason to take it's path out to sea and get this season on with a real storm. Sorry Danny, but ummmm you're way too much a lost cause today..

Besos Bobbi
(ps..trying reverse psychology, how am i doing??)

(if this doens't do it... going to send Danny to Rehab....)


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