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Friday, August 21, 2009

Bill, Bermuda, British Isles and Barbra

1..Hurricane Bill is swirling away out in the open Atlantic and going through some minor adjustments of his own. He's got some dry air perhaps (always did) and looks a bit like he is being sheared apart but that is an illusion. Can't go by each new image that comes in, it's like running after the first pretty girl that walks by. Then again, if you don't run after her someone else will and then you'll be singing sad songs not happy ones so... take the long view is what I am saying here. Bill is in it for the long haul. He is a long tracker.

Did you know when I was little and oh so smart I had this theory on hurricanes. I thought they formed over by Africa and then they came here (Miami) and then they went up north (anywhere north of Jacksonville) and then they circled over across the Atlantic (because I knew they crossed the Atlantic) and then somewhere they got hung up over Europe I guess.. perhaps a nice cup of cafe something in Paris or lingered too long under the Eiffel Tower, rained on Spain where it always rained and then when it was late Summer the same storm appeared again off the coast of Africa. Really, I believed that until someone told me (probably my ever cheerful mother) "They DIE over ENGLAND!!!!" which probably explains why I never really ever wanted to travel to England ever. But, it made sense to me that Donna wasn't really gone but just out to lunch on the Left Bank perhaps, waiting for the Hurricane Season to come back.

Memories... of the storms of my childhood that I can barely recall on the edge of my memory. But I never forgot Donna, because she was the first... first early memories of trees down and palm fronds dropping and furniture tossed about and rearranged in people's yards that they did not take in and no school!! Which was sort of sad cause I missed the cute little boys in the class, especially the one that liked to put the sunshine up on the teacher's board. Somethings never change...

But, every new storm is not the last one and that is a lesson taught to me by someone I love and who has been a great friend, each storm is different not the last one nor the first one. Each storm is beautiful in it's own right!

But, a Cape Verde Storm is a storm to remember when it makes its way across the Atlantic and dies in England or rains on France and Spain and maybe even gets up into the mountains of Andorra lol. Oy... Well the rain ain't going to Oklahoma or California now is it??

So... want to make a few tropical points today and they are...

2.. Bermuda is today as beautiful as it was when Winslow Homer painted pictures of the coast and every time I see Jim Cantore standing there I realize how timeless his pictures are..if you don't believe me check it out for yourself!

3.. British Isles are very far north and I don't think most people realize how far north. They hear about Halifax and think "oh way up there" but they don't realize that London and most of the British Isles is WAY UP THERE TOO! England and Scotland are NOT just to the east of New York City but far to the north of most of the our North American Cities.

Go back up to the top of the blog, go on... look at that map. Oh my goodness, London is cold and damp for a reason and is only not a frigid Artic city because of the Gulf Stream..that keeps tropical energy moving around the planet even bringing once tropical storms to it's rocky shore. Isn't Geography amazing and isn't our brain amazing how it plays games with us if we don't constantly review the facts and just assume and go on automatic.

Telling you one thing ..the Hurricane Hunters are not going on automatic they have a plan, a flight plan, a plan of the day..and so should we I think.

4.. Barbra can really sing her heart out and she has a voice that is magical. I don't listen to her that much, but when I do I am always blown away that anyone can sing like that.

Going off for a while, the 11 AM will come out and I will read the discussion and I will watch him spin and I will wonder on the next storm and how different his track and form may be. And, I will smile... because even though the sun is not out and there are bees the size of flying yellow and black rats here... somewhere the wind is blowing and a sailboat is turning silently into the breeze ...and a weather guy is flying into Bill sending down great pictures, datas and loops.

Gotta smile..or I wouldn't be Bobbi now would I??

Nice songs but all different, like all hurricanes..different..and all youtube videos are different and trying to figure out why the below video ends up with Hebrew subtitles over Nick Nolte's magical voice...

That's all for now... think we have covered it all.. Bill, Bermuda, British Isles and Barbara...

Besos Bobbi

Great Jimmy Buffett song called Prince of Tides from Barometer Soup, one of the greatest LPs he ever made..

How's that for a chatty muse today, happy????


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