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Sunday, August 23, 2009

At Wrightsville Beach for the Day, Catching Up With Bill


So, after a wonderful day at the beach in Wrightsville I finally got to my computer and saw the story on the "rouge wave" that hit Maine. Sadly, it seems a child died after 20 people were pulled into the water by the wave. I'm surprised that Thunder Hole stayed open after the high surf advisories.

At Wrightsville, the storm has passed now but the waves were still strong and the lifeguards were extremely proactive in not letting people go far from the shore or near the pier.

Imagine the waves must have been amazing on Long Island today. Why anyone would take small children to the beach when a hurricane is that close I don't know. I have taken kids but not to the water line, far up on the boardwalk or near the street to feel the wind, hear the noise... but not "in" the area where the waves are that strong. Don't know the details, sad.. very sad and needless tragedy. My friend Sharon, who is from Maine, was worried on the surf and a closer call with Bill.

I'm amazed that Bill maintained Hurricane Strength all the way up the coast .. amazing.

Spending the night down near Sunset Beach, south facing beach and the waves were stronger, more steady and pounding than earlier at Wrightsville which is further up the coast. Could barely go out, sat in the water, got pounded, was like heaven but the storm is far away.. would not have done this yesterday, yesterday was for watching from a safe distance.

Watching a Red Sox game on TV and catching up with news, photos... such a pull in the water, before waves hit the pull back out was so strong the water temperature itself felt different.

Beautiful area, very beautiful. Strange seeing that much sea foam being blown up onto the beach...

That's it... watching sandpipers this afternoon.. can watch sandpipers forever... think this might have been a baby pelican but close enough :)

I'm like a sandpiper, I can spend my whole life at the edge of the shore.. in and out of the water, fast... constantly moving, restlessly running back and forth... at the edge of the water, the land... the sea... the waves... what a way to live, always admired the little sandpiper...

sweet dreams my friends... thank you,


(now if you could get the Red Sox winning again...)


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