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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Well Raleigh's Got Weather...

I should have stuck to the plan and moved there May 1st and could have enjoyed this weather episode up close and personal. But, watching on the computer yesterday was interesting in an analytical way. They have great weather on TV in Raleigh. I noticed that the last few times I was there. They really get into it. Unlike Miami who spends most of their weather acting like a cross between a fashion show of clothes you purchase while vacationing and reminding people visiting how beautiful the weather here is while on vacation. During the hurricane season the A Team comes on and handles the big stuff.. that's when Miami weather kids enjoy our TV weather. Til then, blue, beautiful, surfs ups, possibly some afternoon thundershowers but go out and enjoy that sunshine. :)

Raleigh TV weather is great, they do a great job.

Some incredible imagery from places as far away as Rocky Mount and as close as Cary.

So... since the Twister passed over and went somewhere else I still have a home to go to in a few weeks. Til then I will be watching online, the way I watched that same line of storms go through Atlanta a few days ago. Been an active system... moving east..

In Miami..we are waiting for the rainy season. Imagine I will get to see one or two really good Miami Thunderstorms before moving on.

Besos Bobbi


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