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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Possible Development South of Cuba, Could Ana Be Lurking??

Words like "low level convergence" and "models predicting something forming" are being repeated all around online and in emails between those in the know. Usually TWC starts their tropical update on June 1st but they jumped the gun a little early this year. Could be just a coincidence but everyone is watching.

And, if this does form and does get into the Gulf always it has to hit land. It could be just a cold core system or it could mutate into a warm core system. But, someone is going to get strong weather out of this with a name or without a name.

Everyone needs to pay close attention. This is not a drill and not a pre-season tease.

The water is warm, more than just the Canadian Model have jumped onto this area and all that is left to do is wait and see just what will or won't happen.

Personally, I keep watching the wind. We have a really strong Easterly flow in South Florida.

It was hot beyond words today. I know, I sat outside for a while in the backyard trying to read but instead watching the trees move about wildly and butterflies fluttering from flower to flower. The bees were out as well sipping nectar from little flowers I couldn't even see tucked away deep in the grass. So, I keep wondering on the shear predictions that say that the shear will relax.

If those predictions play out... then there is more of a possibility that a pre-season system, anything from a sub-tropical to a Tropical Storm Anna could be forming down there in a few days.

There is a front moving down and whatever is south of Cuba will be pulled north.
Again, it will all depend on timing. Will it stay down there long enough to develop into something significant?

Models take it up towards Florida sort of Alma like and then they do sort of kinky things.

Here's one example. Load it. Hit forward.

General site to play with:

And, know one thing.. I was so right about the rainy season starting on Friday that this morning the Miami Herald did a story on it as well. Rained last night, heavy. Strong gust front blew through as we were eating dinner last night. Was awesome... as always.

Gotta go, got places to go, people to see and time to spent with Sharon while I am still down here in the tropics on a balmy Saturday night!

This is not a for sure and until I see an Invest from the Navy Site or here the NHC talk on it... it's just speculation but a whole lot of people are speculating seriously! Just giving a heads up here and letting you know what I am watching in the tropics.

Enjoy the night!


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