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Friday, May 15, 2009

May 15th - Start of EPAC Hurricane Season & Hints of Tropical Something Near Florida Soon -- Spooky!

Officially today is the start of the East Pacific Hurricane Season! Otherwise known as "oh look there's a storm forming off of Mexico" which usually translates to trackers in the East Gulf Side and the Atlantic as "damn... going to suck up all the energy and will be quiet on our side for a week!!"

In a mood, have to get to work this morning and get out of here and yet I feel the need to blog on hurricane matters.

Well... it's the season!!

Opps! Wrong Season.

Open the paper, find articles on hurricanes with little tracking maps, the Governor's Conference is going on in Miami (can't go... have to go to work) and the models are consistently showing something developing in 4 or 5 days that will dance around the tip of Florida bringing Tropical Rain. Could be cold core (not tropical) or it could become warm core (tropical) or it could just be the start of the monsoons of May that we get this time of year. Either way.. it's gonna rain, real rain. I know.. I can feel it. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night to the sounds of rain, heavy, serious rain.

There is moisture out there and it is going to find it's way to my part of the world. While I am still in this part of the world.. something I have to deal with besides leaving the Miami Dolphin Land for watching it from far away and not being able to run down to the shore and chase the storm surge, take pics and play with some of my hurricane friends in real time, face to face. Soon.. I'll be watching from Carolina.. but for now... I am here and what's a Miami girl to do in such a situation? She (me) went to the beach! Yesterday.. lunchtime.. walked around and watched the waves and people taking pictures of the waves and very white tourists about to become very red tourists as they tried to sunbathe their problems away.

Man..everyone was at the beach yesterday and the beach did not disappoint. It was beautiful.

Meanwhile..back to the models..they have consistently been showing some sort of tropical feature that hovers around Cuba and in the Caribbean and then flirts with Florida before it races off into the Bahamas and beyond. Briefly two days ago it really developed something big out there. Doubtful that will happen but I will predict here and you heard it first.. Florida is in for Rain, beautiful.. blessed rain! And.. the Almanac printed months ago, way before models began to spin something up, that South Florida would have a Tropical event. Will see.. the jury is out on the Almanac Predictions but I'm telling you... it's gonna rain ;)

Musically...very into Dusty Springfield these days... listening on Pandora, says a lot about my moods, my thoughts and my music. You know.. Bobbi's music!!

Enjoy the pics and well..some are down right Spooky!!

(great youtube here also but warning y'all it's a little offensive and bizarre but real promising talent .. I think, hope he has his own muse and lives far away from me ....The JOKER on the beach yesterday..was spooky enough for me :P )

Besos Bobbi... still in Miami .. listening to Dusty... ;)


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