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Friday, May 08, 2009

Landshark Stadium! Fins to the Right, Left and Everywhere...

Jimmy Buffett comes home to Miami where his musical career about the tropics began. Years back he came down here for a singing gig at the FLICK which was a coffee house at the University of Miami. We hung out there, listened to wannabee singers and the almost famous perform. On rare occasions someone like Joni Mitchell or Merle Haggard but usually was just Uncle Dirty and a few folksingers.

Jimmy Buffett was one of those singers who flew south after a divorce back in Tennessee and came to sing and play a while. He was great. He said Ellis Dee and a few others. Drove down to Key West in his friends car.. fell in love ( a lot of that going on back then) and hung around the South Florida scene. He really doesn't live in Key West the song goes but he is still our very own Margaritaville Jimmy and Miami is now Margaritaville officially!!

Great idea. Great marketing man that Jimmy is he knows the Super Bowl is coming next year to Landshark Stadium making this deal a little sweeter.

Love it! Absolutely Love IT!

So... here's the song and start the party because the Fins are back and Jimmy brought back the magic.. well he and a great coaching team!!


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