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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's Hot! Really Hot! Lag B'Omer Hot!!

The mangoes are so heavy on the trees that it's hard to see leaves... just mangoes having on their leathery looking ropes and swaying a bit when there's a strong breeze. Of course, there hasn't been much of a strong breeze but a steady easterly breeze. It's a hot breeze. Feels almost like a Santa Ana rather than tropical breeze.

Yet..the tropics is all anyone can think about once it's this hot.

Everyone's going to the beach. Kids keep sneaking away from school. Friends keep disappearing from work. Okay, the beach is a few blocks away but still...something seems to be calling us more today than yesterday.

Today is Lag B'Omer on the Jewish calendar. A happy sort of picnic, party day that usually works best when it comes on Sunday... Doesn't often, doesn't this year. Went to a bonfire last night down the block, gonna be a big party bon fire tonight round the block that the kids are making... bet that will be a fun one. I always remember two in particular, big parade down to South Beach and it was blazingly hot (like this year) and we all sat with Miriam as a baby and played with her. Must have been 1987 if that is possible, guess so. Hung out with two of my closest friends who now live in Durham. Morry gave Miriam a bottle of water... it was so hot. Had to be really hot for me to give water being one of those nursing mothers who rarely gave much the first few months but it was so, so hot. Felt like August not May. And... one night when we had a bonfire over at Haulover by the bay... Piamenta playing and Harvey dancing, happy.. happy Harvey lol.

In a silly mood today. Sure that will change as life goes on.

Do something special today even if it's not hot, hot, hot in your world!

In Crown Heights last year..

lots of them all different... depends where you live and who you are..'omer


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