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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Funky Florida Storm Developing..

Writing this early on in the day and posting it later ... will add something if anything develops differently but don't think it will.

It's a funky sort of storm.. or spooky. Spooky because it reminds me of a few Super Storms of the past... a few strange hybrids and one summer when a guy named Robert tried endlessly to explain to me the difference between a cold core system and a warm extratopical and a tropical and why Hybrids look strange :) Maybe it was back during that funny storm Earl.. not sure. But...this storm is one for the record books when it comes to bad weather, flooding rains, Strong onshore winds and a mixing of weather at all levels. And, yet.. it will probably never get a name unless it develops in the Gulf somewhere later in the week.

From Jacksonville Beach to the Keys ...Florida is wet and the reality of the approaching 2009 Hurricane Season has settled in the same way that water is reaching deep into our burned out dry lawns and will turn them green in a week or so. Things change fast in the tropics.

Models take this thing all over the place and for one of the best online model discussions please go to Jim William's excellent video. And, for what it's worth I agree with his friend Jim... I also think a small, moderate El Nino may be developing. He brought up what I didn't want to say yesterday which is.. May storms often mean a slow season yet don't like to make statements like that which can be argued. Often a May storm leads to a slow year.. just does, not always.

Watch the video:

Heard that the NHC is going to save the gas and not send the plane into the system ..which is looking more like some winter super storm and yet.............there are tropical features and I would not count out tropical development. The center looks to be forming down near the Keys and may or may not work it's way down to the surface, if so it can linger around at the end of the cold front and develop into something. Either way... there is no center right now unless you call that swirl on radar imagery a center. Light winds in Miami, but very low pressure. And, low pressure and pressure drops need to be watched.

Nice pic up on Accuweather that gives a good explanation as well of what is going on.

Last nights WV imagery was down right funky. Big ghost like smiley face from King Tutt swirling round and round in the far distant Atlantic. Is that spooky or what? See the evil, smirky little face? Hmmnnnn what is the satellite trying to tell us here I wonder?

Funky way to start the season if you ask me..

Keep watching, stay tuned and now is an excellent time to take stock of what you NEED for the hurricane season and what if any "wish list" items you might want to buy before your stimulus checks get eaten up elsewhere.

A short, brief note here about DENIAL. Never can push things off you don't want to deal with for years.. 10, 20, 30... but they rear their funky little heads again and again because until you deal with something it doesn't go away. You can wait to buy batteries but one day... there will be storm warnings up and you will have to run out to a jam packed storm and think "why didn't I do this before?" which is akin to wondering on all the stupid decisions you have probably made in life that made sense at the time but in retrospect seem stupid beyond words.

Enjoy life... go out and dance, go to a dance, buy what you really want and need and know what you need and want and go after it.

Life has many directions... choose with your heart. Choose wisely. Or.. you will regret it just the way you will when you get to Publix and all the canned food and granola bars have been taken by people who were not living in denial when a storm was headed your way.

As for this storm.. don't think it will be Ana but would give it a... 15% chance... maybe 16% lol... you never know what life has in store for you and you never know for sure what will happen so... don't count anything out! Talking life here maybe more than storms on the map!

Weather is a great metaphor for life and it seems sometimes God likes to keep us on our feet and guessing.. a little bit of mystery and downright funkiness never hurt anyone.. keeps you on your toes :)

Will update this evening or as the situation develops... for now, it's raining EVERYWHERE in Florida and we are very used to rain in May.. aren't we?

Love and kisses... Bobbi


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