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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where oh Where Can My Kyle Be??? ????

Well when I woke up I heard local mets talking on how today would be the day that 93 would begin to move north and develop and interact with the Nor'easter like subtropical storm forming off the Carolinas..

And then................... I looked at the Satellite Loops..............

?!?!?!?! Huh???

Lots of luck for recon on this one cause I think 93 has been taken away to heaven for not becoming a land falling system and don't see Kyle anywhere else today..

Shame they didn't name it Kyle.. would have been one storm NOT to hit the American Coastline.. unless of course you count Puerto Rico as part of the American Coastline.

Is it?

Hmmnnn well, we will see..

In another blog I did put out the thought that had Hawaii and Alaska not become the 49th and 50th State of our Perfect Union Hilary would be running with Richardson and McCain with Kay Bailey Hutchinson.. go figure. Wonder why Puerto Rico hasn't gotten to become the 51st state? Do we like Samoan Indians and Eskimos better than we do plain old Hispanics? Something to think on if you are getting bored with the lack of activity for your brain in the tropics..

Besos Bobbi


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