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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tropical Storm Kyle Forms!

In the Atlantic from the system that plagued the islands earlier in the week. It is moving. Probably out to sea though I heard in Maine the local weather people are discussing it seriously as affecting their weather. Will see... the window for it to hit Long Island seems to have snapped shut proving again how hard it is to hit Long Island and Rhode Island and yet... something will once again as it has before.

The Coastal Low is moving inland bringing very high surf and strong winds and cool air on it's back side.

I remember when I lived in Crown Heights we would get strange cold fronts at times in off the ocean called "back door cold fronts" which once in a while local Florida weather people use to describe a Nor'easter sort of system.

The Bay of Campeche has weather but it doesn't excite me much..hard to say right now, see tomorrow in the morning.

Been a long day and I am a little under the weather. Yeah, you probably knew that when you didn't see me posting all day. Just fighting off a cold or something. I need sleep, rest.. maybe I'll make chicken soup for Shabbos :) Or sushi.. lol. Miso Soup?

Just so tired. Tired of commuting and working all day and aren't we all? We are all in the same boat here. I got a good job, good friends, good family, good crazy people.. no seriously.. being honest here... sometimes you just wish you could close your eyes and open them and be in Key West staring up at the sky, the palms and the birds flying by. Planes coming in for a landing at the airport.. oh, opps... let's go back to the palms so deep green against the sky and the frangipangi trees hot pink in the breeze..



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