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Thursday, September 11, 2008

11PM Info on Ike - Still 100 MPH.

The storm is not intensifying currently. It's winds are still 100mph and they are getting readings from Barometric Pressure that isn't dropping. The storm could intensify as there is moisture streaming in from the SW across Mexico from the Pacific that is juicing up the atmosphere with more tropical moisture that could give Ike another outflow channel. However shear is an issue and both factors may cancel each other out.

CNN sent out a warning that anyone staying on Galveston Island would be facing "certain death" ... um... think that's an overstatement and yes they got it from the weather services warnings but... the track is shifting slowly to the EAST and he is NOT a Cat 4 or 5 so it annoys me a bit that report was given out.

As everyone is watching Galveston no one is talking about the possibility that SW Louisiana WILL probably get hurricane force and for sure tropical storm force winds.

"Ike is moving toward the west-northwest near 12 mph...19 km/hr...and
this general motion is expected to continue for the next 24
hours...with a turn to the northwest expected to begin late Friday."

Well... this is from the 11 PM and if he is going to want to turn NW..wouldn't we be worrying about the cities to the east of Houston not just the west of it?

Look at Skeetobite's drawing... it's been moved EAST.

What if he starts to turn before landfall? This was ALWAYS on the plate..

Also.. note he is supposed to move inland faster than a speeding bullet... he will cause misery over a large area ...

Great blog with beautiful pictures. Main page has a great pic for 911.. which was today and should be remembered always.

Heroes that are rarely recognized for what they do...there is a link to a video on hurricane hunters that is very worth watching!

Great pics today on this awesome pic on this awesome blog of 911 and NYC.

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary...: Untold Bravery...the Hurricane Hunters

And, want to end with something Jim always says about Hurricanes and Tropical Weather..they are a given to cause great disaster and terrorize Americans every hurricane season... we need to prepare for them the way we do any other instrument of terror and possible devastation.

Prayers for those who lost loved ones in 911.

Nite... stay safe.. Bobbi


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