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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's Pouring Beautiful Cool Rain..

Heavy, noisy, musical, melodious rain falling down with a hint of fall as the air is cool and lacking that tropical swampy feel rain often has in the summer.

But, it's not summer anymore.. it's Fall and prior to the rain it was windy and cool. A sort of frontal feel or coastal storm feel.

Driving home on the Collins Avenue tonight the palm fronds were flying in all directions, fluttering like butterflies and falling like rocks onto the pavement below as we drove around them. Seriously.. watched two really big old palm fronds falling and sweeping across several lanes of traffic before ending up partially on the meridian and partially blocking the left lane. Water in Indian Creek is so high and has waves, real little waves and wouldn't be surprised at high tide if some of those mansions that front Pine Tree Drive with lawns down to the water have a little flooding.

Has that feel of some system out there whipping up the wind and the water and winter coming some time sooner rather than later this year.

Tropical = warm core

Subtropical = cold core

Nor'easter delivers snow inland. Gee..I don't see any snow warnings for this so I don't see how it's a nor'easter though.. does have that coastal storm feel to it even far away in Miami.

So.. for now I don't even care if it has a name or a designation.

I'm just happy it's raining cool rain and I have the windows open and the friggin' AC OFF and there is a breeze blowing through my house and I'm thinking what to make for the Jewish High Holy Days or as we call them.. the Yom Tovim!

Change of seasons.. I love it!

Happy Windy Rainy Day!!

Ps.. I will of course update if they decide to call it anything other than "neat coastal storm."


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