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Monday, August 25, 2008

Tropical Storm Gustav (as promised)

Okay, been a long day in the realm of the Tropics.

Gustav formed rather dramatically and then it's rapid intensification began to level off as watches and warnings were put up for parts of the Caribbean.

Florida is in the cone or more specifically I am in the cone. Again. In the cone again. Normally, I would be sort of excited but this week is not a good week for me to be in the cone. Like any time is? Well, sometimes are better.

But most of Florida for now is in the cone as we see which way Gustav goes.

Does the high build in to his northeast and push him gently west over the backbone of Cuba? Or do pressures stay low to his north pulling him up to the north? How does Fay's remnants affect Gustav and is that possible? A lot to think on.

An ever changing picture of a water vapor view as moisture races south from an upper level low above and Gustav tries to move on to the west and get past that violent vapor boundary.

It was pulled a bit to the NW earlier but I truly think it wants to go wnw and that river of violent air is snapping at it and trying to grab some of it's thunder but in a little while Gustav will be past that violent outburst on the water vapor loop and he will be in a better position to continue the intensification phase he was into this morning.

Let me say one thing here. It has two roads... north towards land, mountains, friction with land and lots of voodoo curses and Santeria priests tossing chicken bones into the water to try and make it stay weak. You think I'm being funny, hey I was raised in Little Havana, they are selling more than pink carnations in those Botanicas on Calle Ocho!!

If it goes north there is a better chance it will stay weak and hover around the Category 1/2 borderline as it meanders along the track taken by Fay towards the US mainland.

IF it goes west and takes the road less traveled this year it can and will intensify and grow into a strong major hurricane like we haven't seen yet this year.

Tracks of Allen come to mind for some reason but that only plays out if it goes west and know that the newest models are trending west and then west north west.

Just be aware that this is early in the game and we haven't yet gotten a real feel for Gustav... but we will. The more we learn, the more the models are better at track and intensity.

So... I'll be back later after I get $10 for a locker and $10 for a Gemorah and $18 for something for Rivky and a 3 subject notebook and possibly some sort of pens.. oh please Gustav come and take me away...

School.. yuck!

I'll be back later with some real tropical insight.

Keep watching.. the cute guys at the NHC will be and so will you and me!

$28 dollars, a 3 subject and a binder...

See Yah Later...

I really did think it was going west today but EVERYONE said NW including the NHC so... maybe it changed directions???


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