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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fay Makes Landfall in Haiti - Still Moving NW

That's basically the news for now.

The cone of uncertainty as they call it on a few station here remains the same. He is supposed to turn wnw soon and slow down and eventually get further west as a Major Cane! Sounds like a novel doesn't it? Major Cane!

Not much to add currently but will update later tonight.

I have relatives in town who luckily did NOT travel today. Going out to dinner if we can find a restaurant we all fit in! More coming in tomorrow and Thursday. So, distracted between work and family obligations and trying to peek a boo the loops when I can. They think I'm getting dressed now... shhhhh and then I have to straighten my hair :) maybe I can squeeze in a few water vapor loops!

What a world.

Heads up ...there are two more and possibly three systems that can also develop later this week.

Gonna have a Hurricane Buffet!


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