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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Very Suggestive Water Vapor Loop... Does Olga Recurve?

That's the question here. Seriously, something is going on and even on the morning local weather they were talking "cold front" and how it is "inching it's way closer" and look at this water vapor.

The morning discussion is a long rambling, well written but hard to buy explanation on how...

either it stays to the south and because of a lot of Caribbean heat it could become a hurricane ...and why that isn't likely

or.. it pulls to the north of the track but they refuse to use the R word yet (recurvature) and go with the models they don't like as much as the southern ones and well.. it goes right of track (look at the water vapor loop) and if that happens, well they don't really want to go there..

or it could just die out... (i think they are hoping for this, word had it that they called Matt at the NWS and begged him to go light some candles in the grotto at St. Marys for it to just DIE, before they have to start dealing with it here

I'd watch the various local forecasts written by the various local NWS offices for hints at what is blowing in the wind

Sorry.... but I see eventual recurvature and I wouldn't rely in December on the GFDL and it's click of model friends who are more likely sunbathing at the Delano on South Beach that predicting December weather... if you get my drift here.

I'd go with globals and watch the fronts because you have to stay in the present. This is not July it's December gang.. I know, we have decorations up on Lincoln Road.
Nice strong breeze yesterday, stronger today... seems to me the answer here is blowin in the wind

Besos from Miami... more later


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