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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Olga and Santa Claus

Olga, who was named in error by the way... after a spell checker asked if Zola was supposed to be OLGA and her daddy who was busy playing online poker just hit "change" without thinking...

Well.. Olga is all grown up now and she is a Tropical Storm on a mission.. she is cruising fast.. possibly all the way to Mexico..


GUSTS." (hot off the presses... 1pm!!)

To understand how we got you have to understand have to understand her history, her life..what drives her..

Well you see... Olga got in a fight with ole Saint Nick and ran away from the toymaker's studio. She was supposed to be busy this year working on this dorky little toy car driven by a Bee. Barry Bee. I mean really, are there no words for how low you can go?

So, after a loud cellphone arguement with Santa who had gone noodle fishing in Oklahoma while leaving her and Mrs. Claus in charge of the shop she decided this really stunk. I mean a real all time low in her life. What was so important about Oklahoma that Nicholas HAD to go and take care of some noodle all by himself as opposed to taking care of the toy shop like a good Santa should.
(you GOT to see THIS)

It's not that she didn't like bees, she just didn't think they drive toy cars nor did she think any child would really play with the toy more longer than 30 seconds before playing on the computer or texting ten of their closest friends.

She just thought there had to be more to life than Santas Workshop in the Artic Circle. I mean.. she thought maybe one day Superman would fly by, fly down and stop to talk but nooooooooo noooooooooo Superman had to fly fast and do nothing more than send down a flirtateous wink on his way to his Ivory Ice Castle and she was alone with Mrs. Claus who did nothing but bake peanut butter cookies waiting for Santa to get his butt back from Oklahoma.

While watching an old movie on the DVD player while putting little Barry Bee into his little zoom zoom car she got an idea. There she was watching Sweet Charity hit her, she HAD to GET OUT and DO something with her life.... An ephinany... a moment... and she remembered that old saying to Seize the Day and she decided to get up, get out and go find her life...

Something better, somewhere warmer ..somewhere down in the Tropics. She heard all about Global Warming and she wasn't scared off by the simple little fact that the Hurricane Season was over.. no Sireee, she knew a warmer winter was waiting somewhere and she decided there was no time like this time... to get up and go off in search of love, adventure and well... she'd figure it out eventually...

She got up.. and she is currently kicking up her heels down in the Caribbean going westbound.. in search of her own personal, particular harbor...

When she finds it.. she'll text someone at the NHC and Santa back in Oklahoma and tell Mrs. Claus where to send the peanut butter cookies!!

if you want a list of things that Olga wants.. she has sent the list to Bobbi and you may email her, ask her...and well... a girls got to do what a girls got to do..


Happy Holidays Olga!

(I told you I was bored and restless, you never believe me... start believin'! and no NOT doing the Journey thing again :P)

Besos Bobbi
Loop de Loop:


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