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Friday, December 14, 2007

Neil Frank Announces Retirement!

Biggest news I can think of and worthy of reporting.

The man who inspired so many in Miami during his early days of being Director of the National Hurricane Center.

Dr. Neil Frank was and will always be to those of us who respected him... the Meteorological Equivalent to Superman! If there was someone looking out for us who was going to protect us, warn us and take care of us.. it was Neil Frank.

We missed him when he left Miami for Houston and I am sure those in Houston will miss him always ...

There is no one like him. He was and is a one and only.

Years ago he showed my brother around the Hurricane Center giving him a tour like you would visiting royalty.. in those days before 911 and Homeland Security and he told my brother that when you see something you want in life.. go after it. Grab a tiger by the tail and you don't let go.

The man has more passion in his soul than most people could even dream about having.

Have a good Shabbos everyone and have a wonderful weekend..

Live Laugh Love.. Bobbi


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