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Friday, October 26, 2007

Raining... After A Purple Sunrise...

Adding these pics in here because they really say it all and at least I'll know where to find them :) And...really does the above picture say it ALL about Bobbistorm ;)

Raining here on Miami Beach, dark and flooding a bit along the edges of the roads.

Woke up this morning to a purple sky, lavender or orchid like...then got rainier.. darker.

Got soaked when this let go and the heavens burst...

Then these incredible flowers fell down from the big Signature Tree and oh wow... is that awesome or what?

Watch the area by the Yucatan... it has stronger winds and low pressures. I do see that the area by the islands has lower pressures but lower winds as well. You can find this info by clicking on this link from the front of Hurricane City..

Great site... great people, Jim is great.

Go Red Sox, Bobbi
Ps... maybe in a day or so something might develop, hard to believe we won't have a swan song...

gonna swim over to wild oats later... in the dirty water lol of Miami Beach but gosh .. I wish.. I was in Boston ;)


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