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Thursday, June 28, 2007

We Got Weather - Is a Tropical Disturbance Brewing in the Bahamas?

And when I say Bahamas.. sort of mean Bimini here.. just off coast of Florida.

The Tropical Wave that they have been watching for days and talking about has finally done something.. it sort of seems to be possibly coming together as a disturbance.

Only thing I see that would stop it from developing is it's proximity to Florida... sort of hovering here on the edge of the Gulfstream. Oh.. well.. that could account for the blow up in intensity of color and depth shown on the water vapor loop.

NHC VERY slow coming out with their 11am.. waiting.

I was going to post some nonsense of fluff today but no.. we got weather, this is worth watching.

Heads up here... watch the weather developing off the east coast of Florida.

Will post later as weather warrants.


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