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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Mazel Tov!

Happiness is my son Shuky getting engaged to a very nice girl!

Happiness is having the L'Chaim in Crown Heights!

Happiness is seeing my kids and friends who live up north and being there for good times...

Happiness is.......oh my goodness... Bobbi is happy!

My son got engaged over the weekend. Yes, I knew it was coming but still I was so excited and happy. I flew to NY to go to the Ohel with him and to be there for the L'Chaim. I also got to attend a good friend's chasena and watch the kids celebrate.

I got to daven in 770 for a long while.. mincha time on Monday. Spent money on a new Siddur for my son Zalmy .. khaki green and a new Tehillim for myself, pictures, yarmulkes, Neshei Newsletter... all those little things "out of towners" do when in New York. I saw so many "out of towners" on Kingston I thought for a few minutes it was Duval Street in Key West. How did I KNOW they were tourists? They were carrying around yellow bags from Crown Heights Judaica and they had the hungry look in their eyes as they stood staring at Nosh World and the Pizza Shop... like they were on Disney Mainstreet looking for a snack :)

Walked up Montgomery Street to see Mrs. Goldman.. what a BIG hill! When did that hill get so big? Is it getting bigger? A volcano underneath Montgomery? I don't know but when I was 17 it didn't seem so high? Even when I was 30 and pregnant it didn't seem THAT big...

I saw my grandchildren, my children, my friends... it was wonderful!

Spent the day at Touro touching base with my NY campus as I am far away in Miami these days. I took the subway around town by myself.

And.........the L'Chaim.. oh wow. No words.

To see my Shuky, my Shukaboo come back to home base and have a L'Chaim in Crown Heights and get engaged to a very nice, beautiful girl from Postville... wow, wow.. double wow... and be surrounded by my kids, the Slaters who came over AFTER first night Sheva Brochos finished and Rabbi and Mrs. Goldman who came by after their party for their grandchildren.

I davened at the Ohel. I went to Avremie's grave.. may his memory be cherished and may my tefillah be answered. No one should know sadness.. everyone should be happy and Serve the Lord With Joy Always.. in a perfect world anyway.

Mazel Tov! Was perfect!

When I calm down and come off Cloud 9 I will write a normal post..



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