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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Keep An Eye On FLO

Keep an eye on Flo..

I haven't written much in the last 24 hours here as there has been so much going on with me in general and the storm is still way far away.

Models have it recurving which means FISH STORM and yet I think that there will be some question that down the line.

Reading discussion has given trackers and analysts whiplash.
One says it's disorganized, one says it's becoming a storm, one says its weak, one says it is a storm... etc...

Well, bottom line ..........there is a storm.

Bottom line... its still too soon to tell and we just have to wait and see.

My school started this week, it's very hectic and so much going on and I haven't had much time between spending FOUR hours commuting in heavy rains to and from work to do much of anything. It has rained in Miami for days now.. getting water logged and my ceiling at home is complaining. I'm tired, cranky, my ankles hurt and my eyes hurt... ache... and to top it off wierd things happened today that don't defy explanation but I'd rather not think on any explanations right now as ... bottom line all the excuses in the world don't mean nothing... what is is.. what isn't isn't and everything just is talk. Either you are here or you are not here.. I'm sure there are reasons but... doesn't change the bottom line. Okay, slightly off topic message but it's important as I did call the number back but it had some wierd message so back to posting messages on my blog. Except that I haven't anything to say... all I can do is stare.

Note to crazy writing people... don't you ever write anything about this as I don't find it humorous at all :(

Back to weather... wait and see.. keep watching... she might go out to sea and she might not...

Either way Dear Florence...
you are........

So Far Away, Bobbi


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