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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Earthquake in Florida, Tropical Depression Forming

Note...I wrote this while Tropical Depression was forming. It's a little messy, like my mind today but creatively a masterpiece and written for one person and they know who they are... Thank you.

Just wanted to say TD 7 may or may not become Gordon and Gordon will probably swim with the fishes, but I needs to track it... and need to go back to work and reality and leave my vacation with my pen pal and my Captain of Fantasy...

Just stop sending me text messages that somehow throw me offline like there was a new earthquake rocking my world...

Maybe we created something amazing today... write it, rewrite it, edit it, enjoy it, you rock my world... Rock me like a hurricane, Rock me like an earthquake.

Shake Rattle and Roll
Post below...
If you don't understand it... it wasn't meant for you to understand..
I'm listening to Drudge... while waiting for TD 7 to form...

I waited all day to hear him talk about the Earthquake, curious what Mr. Drudge would say.. as I know he is sitting there freaking over such phenomenon laughing his hat off.

He knows he has to talk about the 911 movie because people expect it of him but he is dying to talk about the earthquake...

See, there he goes... again, the quake..

Felt for 20 seconds... widely felt
"rattled our trailer pretty good" he is laughing, know he is and lol...

funny how you know stuff
funny how i do anyway...

this is my world.. my water vapor loop
my favorite pic from way back .. on the front page of where I can always find it..

Long link...

It's my "you got the whole world in my hands" website.

Look at TD7 out there.. way below Florence... a bit ene of the islands.

So like some old joke about No Soap Radio...

No Canes but got a Quake...

6.0 Quake.
I mean... we can't get a Cat 5 Hurricane going but we got a Cat 6 Quake.

Off Tampa yet...

Would love an explanation but not asking Rock Boy to learn about this, I can google it and Wiki it on my own.

So... what a day it was oh what a day it was...

Was a good day for me. Good day for someone else too.

Thanks to a very good friend, I put on my tank top the color of this sat pic below.. sort of aqua blue, turquoise (shows off my tan) and I tore up a skirt I hate that had nice fabric but horrible elastic and way too long and turned it into a wrap around sarong skirt that I can use at the beach, really nice... really... and I put on my Escape to Key West CD of Jimmy Buffett songs about the guy who was "IN IT" and it's Laid Back and Key Wasted... took Captain Morgan along and Atlanta ceased to exist.. was like Sherman's march to the Sea... and felt a tropical breeze and played with mr. favorite form of addiction and worked hard at the game, played hard...

I was a tropical muse all day. :)

Rhymed and climbed
rocks up higher and higher
and ate strawberries with cream and
wrote more poetry
and more prose than I have in ages,
except they wrote more
which is fine with me because...
that's the way we play the game.

Beautiful horizon
Hurricanes swirling still
Quakes out in the Gulfstream
Big Wave coming soon
Me and my tsunami
and a starship to the moon

and somewhere ..far away the song is playing...

take me away to the stars
we'll travel to pluto?

if I put my fingers in my ears and try real hard I can hear the song but not the words... sail away to the stars.. we'll travel to venus... something something to mars... the airship song :)


This blog tonight is for only a few people... there is only Florence bugging the hell out of Bermuda and Tropical Depression 7 waiting in the wings, and El Nino grumbling and what did cause that Shake, Rattle and Roll off shore in Tampa? Maybe the Loop Current was having a temper tantrum?

Link it, once and for all.. meteorology and geology
Do it.
Go for it!

A flying strawberry with whipped cream and rainbows.. perfect.
Absolutely perfect.

So... bottom line here...

I promised BURNS a storm today.. a new storm. I told him I would take out my magic wand (no not the dropsonde) and I would wave it back and forth... and he would have his storm.

And, I did it... (no dont think I really did it but lets let Burn's believe I did)

Tropical Depression #7 formed out in the Atlantic.

Breaking news, breaking news... as I type this blog...
Today, Peak of the Season
Peak a Boo
Peak a Boo Bryson, Peabo Bryson

You owe me Sandman you owe me... and you know what I what I want and its not Sheba :)

Oh, darn.......... got to put Captain Morgan back in the box...
Slide the CD out of there and away for safe keeping
Take off the sarong and put my thinking cap back on and go back to work..

New Day
New Storm
New Week
New ideas to think upon.

Thank you dear for keeping me company today, peak of the season day... a day when I needed to get away if only in my mind

Great song... many, many songs on that CD you made me...

From the wake up call in the morning and all throughout the day...

I thank you ... my own Captain Morgan and Captain Fantasy

We gots to go back to work... was a fun day, i needed it... badly
could have used a trip down the Overseas Highway but...
this was next to perfect

"So bring me two pina coladas
One for each hand
Let's set sail with Captain Morgan
And never leave dry land"

TD7... 54.5 west... figures..........might become Gordon tomorrow..
Keep watching the tropics
we might have created something special today
time will tell
play with it, edit it, redo it, rewrite it, keep playing

Always, Bobbi
ps... as for Mr. Drudge...
perfect song, hope you get paid well by your advertisers.
you know when you play the windmills song it drives me crazy

no getting over that rainbow
when my smallest dreams
wont come true
i can take all the madness
the world has to give
but i wont last a day
without you...


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